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Having spent all of my working life in the Motor Trade, many changes taken place over the last 40 years. The value of Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction has never been more important.

We take a personal interest in looking after our customers needs and provide solutions and support on all aspects of motoring to-day.
We Buy Cars.
We Sell Cars.

We ensure every car we sell is fully serviced and is of the highest quality. If you want to sell your car we will sell it on your behalf.
We also sell Classic Cars, This part of the market is now of huge interest, as many of these cars are 70s and 80s cars which were very good reliable cars, that now attract € 50 Road Tax and very low Insurance premiums. They also attract low B.I.K payments if used for business.

Servicing for all makes of cars Classic and Modern - We have a large number of Professional Mechanics and Bodywork Specialists on hand.

We offer a Professional Approach to the needs of to-days motorist to ensure satisfaction.

Our Reputation is your guarantee.

Dermot J. Wallace