What Do I Need To Do To Import A Car From The United Kingdom?


Importing a car from the United Kingdom (UK) has become increasingly popular among consumers in search for a deal. This phenomenon began in 2016 following the Brexit referendum of June that year. In light of a possible no-deal, consumers are flocking to the UK to avail of the savings of buying a used import when compared to the price of a new Irish registered car. To learn why this is the case, click here.


Those of you looking to import a car from the UK to Ireland must undertake eight key steps to make this process a seamless one. If you are looking to source a car or import one from outside of Ireland, click here!


Find your dream car

This can be one of the most fun parts of your journey to own a 2nd hand car from the UK, searching through the numerous aggregate websites to find the perfect car for you. Some of the most popular site include Autotrader, Cars & Classic and many more. Those in search of guidance or help in find their ideal car can contact Dermot Wallace Motors today, with over 40 years’ experience in importing cars from the UK, we will make your dreams a reality.


Consider the costs associated with importing a car from the UK

When importing a car from the UK, you must consider three fixed costs when deciding if importing a car is the right choice for you.


The first is the vehicle registration tax (VRT), paid when you first register the car in Ireland. The VRT to be paid on a car is a percentage of its retail price, including tax.


The second cost you must account for is VAT. This is required on new cars only, even if the car was originally bought in the EU, i.e. a car less than 6 years of age or has less than 6,000 KM.


Lastly, you should consider the cost of British sterling when buying a car from the UK. Due to the tremulous nature surrounding Brexit the price of sterling has fallen, giving the buyer more bang for their buck.


Conduct a car inspection/service history check

After your tireless search through numerous platforms, websites and ads you find the perfect car for the perfect price. Wait though, before you buy a car you should carry out a vehicle inspection and service history check.


Consumers can visit Motor Check to get a structured report that outlines the car’s road tax & NCT history, verified mileage, write-off status, and much more. Which packages beginning at €15, all you need is the car’s registration number.


Inform the British authorities that you are importing a car into Ireland

When purchasing a car, ensure that you have carried out the following actions before leaving for Holyhead Port.

  • First, acquire the V5C registration/logbook from the seller along with an invoice of your purchase.
  • Second, fill out section 4 of the logbook and contact the British Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency to inform them that you are export the car to Ireland.
  • Third, download and fill out form VAT411. It states that you are not liable to pay VAT in the UK but that you will pay it when you have returned to Ireland.


Register your car with the NCTS centre

Once your car has arrived in Ireland you have 7 days to book your car in with your local NCTS centre for a VRT inspection. This is carried out on behalf of the Revenue Commissioner to ensure the car matches the spec outlines in its logbook.


Pay VRT on your imported car

The car’s registration and payment of VRT at the NCTS centre must be completed within 30 days of the car arriving in Ireland. The amount of VRT to be paid is dependent on the car’s open market selling price (OMSP), set by the Revenue Commissioner. Visit revenue.ie today and use their handy VRT calculator to figure out how much you are liable to pay. Depending on the emissions and OSMP, you will fall into one of 7 VRT  categories:

It is important to note that if you have used the car in the UK for 6 months or more and have documentation to prove this, then you do not have to pay VRT.


Registering a new imported car from the UK

Importing a new car from the UK will require the following documentation:

  • An electronic Certificate of Conformity;
  • An invoice that displays the date of purchase for the vehicle and for how much;
  • Vehicle Purchase Details Forms VRTVPD1 or VRTVPD2;
  • Documentation that verifies who you are and where you live;
  • Documentation issued by the Revenue Commissioner that has your PPSN, name and address on it.


Registering a used imported car from the UK

Importing a used car from the UK will require the following documentation:

  • A completed declaration form to register the vehicle as used;
  • Confirm the Co2 emissions of the vehicle at the time of manufacture.


Get plates for your car

Upon completion of the six steps listed above you will be issued an Irish registration number. You have 3 days to acquire and display plates on your car or you will incur fines from An Garda Siochána. Get your plates from the likes of Irish Number Plates, Print Point or another recognised supplier delivered straight to your door within 48 hours.


Pay your motor tax and insurance

After paying the outstanding VRT on the car you will be provided with an RF100 form by the NCTS. This is used to pay your motor tax. Sort this and your car insurance out ad you will be read to hit the roads and have some fun with your new wheels!


Looking for help with importing your car?

If you are looking to import a car from the UK then look no further. Having imported and exported cars to and from the UK over the last 40 years, we at Dermot Wallace Motors offer an unbridled, express service. Click here to see a recent case where we imported a Mercedes-AMG E63 S for one of our customers. If you are looking to source a car or import one from outside of Ireland, click here!

  • Should you be in search for a car;
  • Are seeking advice about bringing it over to Ireland;
  • Conduct this whole process on your behalf,


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